There Is Power In Your Mouth ;How To Speak What You Want To See

It is Monday ! Thank God for the grace to see a new day, to welcome a new week. So, what are you speaking into existence, what conversations are you having with yourself and others about your life and situation?

When you speak your desires out loud, it focuses your mind on a specific idea and the spoken word has an energy that is much greater than mere thoughts in your head or ideas on paper.

When you speak something out loud, your subconscious mind hears it. Often when we hear something out loud we think differently about it.

Ideas that bounce around in your hear can start playing all sorts of tricks on you. You have to pin them down by writing it out and then speaking it out loud.

Here are 7 powerful techniques for speaking things into existence using the law of attraction.

1. Affirmations

Affirmations can be used in many different ways and it is a powerful tool to help you overcome negative beliefs. Affirmations  can also be used to speak things into existence.

When you take that one thing you really want to manifest and turn it into a single phrase that you can memorize and easily repeat, it can be very powerful.

Make sure you phrase it in the present tense (as if you already have it) and use inspiring and emotionally driven language. You can also have 3 or 4 affirmations built around the same idea of what you want to manifest.

2. Incantations

Incantations are like an affirmation that you say out loud – often repeatedly but with such emotion and conviction that it sends a clear instruction to your entire nervous system.

With incantations, there is a lot of power and energy behind your idea because it involves your entire mind and body.

Combining this with mirror work can also be very powerful – especially if what you want to manifest has something to do with your body, your confidence or the way you love yourself.

3. Secret Word

A very interesting technique that I learned some time ago is to invent a word that represents what you want to manifest. This word has to be totally fictitious and only you should know about it and what it means.

Let this word represent what you want to manifest.

Whenever you speak this word, you and only you will know what you are speaking about. The novelty of it makes it fun and can help jolt you out of a negative mindset whenever you feel down.

Because this word has a lot of meaning to you, when you utter it, you can speak into existence that which you want to manifest.

It is a great tool to quickly jolt you out of a bad mindset or a negative state of mind.

4. Meditation

There are many meditation practices and the vast majority of them are centered around the idea of being quite and shutting out the conscious mind. There are also meditation practices that use sound to help you focus or “lose” your conscious mind.

There are also meditations like  Japa that uses sounds and more specifically “the sounds of creation” to help you manifest.

Japa is a form of meditation that can help you speak things into existence using mantras and ancient sounds that invoke certain vibrations and thought frequencies.

5. Prayer

Most of us have been exposed to prayer in some shape or form. Prayer is basically a way of communicating with God, the universe or a higher power that you believe is the creator of the universe.

Prayer allows you to have a conversation with God or the universe. You can pour your heart out and express all the desires you may have.

The real purpose of prayer is not so much about finding answers as it is about having a conversation with God. When you express to God what it is that you really want to be, do, and have in this life, you express the energy of creation.Remember that you are the co-creator of your life. God is your “partner” on this journey and stands ready to assist you with whatever you want to create.

6. Mirror Work

Mirror work is weird for many people and if you haven’t really done it then it can be quite confronting. Louise Hay was a great proponent of mirror work as it can be very powerful if you have any issues that relate to your self-image.

Most people can’t manifest what they desire simply because they do not believe that they deserve it. When you stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eye you get to talk to yourself in a very powerful way.

7. Conversations

We’ve already talked about the importance of the conversations you are having with yourself. In many ways, these are the most important conversations you can have. What you are saying to yourself about yourself and your life will determine how you think, how you feel, and ultimately what you attract into your life.

Use language that lifts your spirits that inspires you and that makes you believe how great you are and how amazing your life really is.

If your conversations with yourself is about how stupid you are, how bad things are going, and how terrible your life is turning out then that is what you will attract more of into your life.

You also want to pay very close attention to what you say out loud to others about yourself and your life.

This is also why it is so important to surround yourself with the right people – people who have a positive and optimistic outlook on life and who will encourage and support your dreams.

One powerful law of attraction exercise is to pick 3 people you trust and to tell them what you intend to manifest.This adds a level of commitment to what you want to attract into your life.

You need to start paying close attention to what you say to yourself and to others. When you start talking about what you want o manifest as if it is already part of your life then you invoke the law of attraction in a very powerful way.

Whatever you focus on and give your energy and your attention to will be attracted into your life. Words not only focus your energy and your attention but words themselves have an energy.

Good Luck


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