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The Yuletide Season Is Here And With It Comes Christmas Shopping

2 December 2020 Entertainment


Congratulations! It is indeed a rare privileged to witness the end of another year. The year 2020 particularly has been quite a year and at this time there are so many expectations  for the season, expectations of hope, an end to the year and a fresh start at the new year. For many there is the hope to reunite with family and loved ones they may have not been in contact with all year. Celebration and festive cheer both in religious and festive circles .

Amidst all this however, there are also concerns about  travel restrictions from the Nigerian center for disease control( NCDC), safety of lives and property, the alarming rate at which prices of goods and foodstuff keep increasing in the market and the “New normal” in the way we live necessitated  by the  outbreak  of the pandemic.

One thing is certain though, Christmas shopping, buying and exchanging gifts, you will find many big stores running sales promotions to further boost sales. The excitement is already in the air or isn’t it?

Nowadays it is often said by both clergy and members of the general public alike that Christmas is no more than an orgy of consumerism, and that the message of Christmas has been drowned in a frenzy of competitive present-buying and consumption on an almost obscene level.

However, this complaint is by no means new. The case of Nigeria, the state of the  economy will not detar the people from buying and selling of goods.Nigerians naturally love to shop.

We will do our best at this time to bring you an updates on all the aforementioned  issues as we carry on in this special month of christmas.

Another much repeated ‘fact’ about Christmas is that it was invented  by the Victorians.

While there is no doubting in the fact that the Victorians, partly inspired by Dickens, were fascinated by the celebration of Christmas, they didn’t invent it, rather they reinvigorated it and brought together the many Christmas customs of Nigeria and threw themselves into the season in a way not seen before.

Being a nation of manufacturers, industrialists and shopkeepers, it was not long before Victorians realised that Christmas, with its emphasis on generosity and hospitality, could be exploited for commercial possibilities.

Consequently,with the growth of a department store culture in Nigeria  from the 70s, the scene was set for a fusion of sentiment and shopping to arrive every year in late November, and it wasn’t long before some began to complain.

Where ever it is you choose to shop, be it the open market or department stores now is the time as prices go up daily do not be caught up in the fever of last minute shopping, but be careful not to overdo anything, remember after Christmas  will come and there will be needs.

Here is officially wishing you the best of the yuletide season as we countdown to Christmas day with updates, stories, videos just for you. Follow us on twitter @kapital929fm, on Instagram @kapital929fm, find us on face book  kapital92.9fm

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