The Beginning: ‘Lean On Me’ With Tony Amole

In the beginning, there was a man, a staff and this man was tasked with coming up with a program idea.

“Where do I begin?” he wondered.

A few ideas later, he came up with something and like a well scripted book, the name just came to him. Facing his superiors to explain the program idea, a question was asked, “what makes you think people would want to just share their problems with you?”

They were skeptical, but they gave him the airtime, the date and the time; 10:30pm on Monday nights, and one a special Monday in 2002, LEAN ON ME was born.

Tony Amole confesses that starting LEAN ON ME was no easy task. The first couple of episodes featured letters from people who didn’t have the courage to come on live, but one lady changed all that.

One day, a serving corps member (NYSC) decided to share her problem with the world. She had not been paid at her Place of Primary Assignment (PPA), but coming on Lean On Me helped solve her problem and that was the program’s turning point. The stage was set and more people started to come forward to find solutions to their problems.

The stone that the builders rejected now became the cornerstone, and yes, it still is.

The program was initially dominated by Love/relationship matters, but as time went on, more pertinent issues like child abuse, disputes (conflict) and cases that required legal action came up, and thanks to the inclusion of a lawyer on the LEAN ON ME Team, Barrister Maxwell Okpara, cases that require legal action get the necessary support, without charge.

Tony Amole, aka Uncle T, admits that there have been challenges in carrying out the mandate of the program. What started as a platform for people to share their problems and receive solutions from fans and listeners has become a fortress for some like Glory who came to LEAN ON ME because she said her parents, who are separated, don’t want her anymore.

Others come with medical issues that require financial aid and when they don’t get it, they feel dejected. On this note, there is an undeniable need for sponsorship and partnerships, so that LEAN ON ME can touch lives better.

Monday Nights at 10:30 have become a date with destiny, a date with help, with solutions, enlightenment, education, caution and many who have continued to listen to LEAN ON ME, have made the up the LEAN ON ME family.

Keep a date with Tony Amole on Kapital FM every Monday nights and the radio experience will never remain the same again.


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