The Banky & Adesua Wedding Was Truly #BAAD17 [Photos]

The much anticipated Banky & Adesua wedding took place on Sunday, 19th November, 2017 in Lagos and going by Banky’s words, it was a good day.

The stars of Nollywood blockbuster, The Wedding Party,  are finally beginning their ‘happily ever after’ since revealing in May that they were engaged.

Bankole Wellington aka Banky, propsed to his co-star in February of this year, but revealed the juicy details in May. Since then everyone has been anticipating the wedding and we can tell you they didn’t disappoint.

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About The Banky & Adesua Wedding – #BAAD17 #TheTrad

First off, let’s agree that these two lovebirds look awesome together. I mean, they will definitely have adorable babies. Next up, their squads were dripping with too much sauce.

Banky had his squad and then some while Adesua kept it classy with her really close friends.

The beautiful Adesua was shades of beautiful in her 4 wedding outfits. She started things off in an modern take on the Edo traditional attired complete with beads. Next up, she wore a Yoruba inspired attired with a very modern take.

She wore a midnight-blue Aso Oke with gold embroidery and black beading along the bust and around the middle of the skirt. The contrast with her skin tone made the look pop.

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The two other outfits were black and they made her shine as seen in these illustrations of Adesua by Lean Kid below.

The Banky & Adesua wedding has got to be the wedding of the decade, not just the year. Everyone who is anyone was present. From movie stars, music stars to politicians – it was a partaay!!!


According to social media, Ebuka, a member of the original squad, was the ‘Baadest’ dresser. I mean, the guy’s agbada made other agbadas cower in envy. Do you agree?

Congratulations to the Wellingtons. Next stop, white wedding!!!


Wedding Photos: SCGeorge1

Wedding Planner: @bisolatrendybee

Adesua’s Dresses: @tojufoyeh

Banky’s Outfits: @deco_d29

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