Terror Probe Launched In Paris

25 September 2020 International News



Reports say,Two people have been severely injured in a knife attack in Paris near the former office of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Two people have been arrested, Jean-François Ricard, national anti-terrorism prosecutor, confirmed.

Ricard said police had detained the person who they believed was behind the attack and that a second individual was taken in to determine his links to the alleged attacker.

“Given the location of the attack, in front of the building where the Charlie Hebdo newsroom used to be, the time of the facts, during the trial, and finally given the materialisation of the facts, there was a clear desire by the perpetrator to kill two people,” he added.

An investigation for “attempted assassination in connection with a terrorist enterprise” and “criminal terrorist association” has been opened.French Prime Minister Jean Castex said the two victims’ lives were not in danger.

After visiting the scene Castex added he “wanted to show my solidarity with the families of the victims and also to all the colleagues of these two journalists”.

“I reaffirm our unwavering attachment to freedom of the press, the fight against anti-terrorism and I wish to affirm our full mobilisation to the nation,” he added.

French media reported that the two people injured work for production company Premières Lignes, whose offices are located in the same building as the former Charlie Hebdo offices.

Paul Moreira, a journalist at the production agency, told BFM-TV that his colleagues who were injured were young employees who were outside the building. He said the company had not previously received threats.

Police said earlier in the afternoon that a cordon had been put up near the building due to a suspect package. A large butcher’s knife was reportedly found near the metro station in the area.

The offices were the scene of an attack in January 2015 that saw 12 people killed, including many of the magazine’s staff. Fourteen people are currently on trial over the 2015 attack.The motive is so far unclear and it is uncertain whether the attack is linked to the 2015 killings.

The Académie de Paris said that schools in the 3rd, 4th and 11th districts of Paris have been temporarily locked down, with children staying inside. Parents were invited to come and collect their children at 15:00 CEST, “the precautionary measures having been lifted,” police said.The city of Paris said that care homes have also been locked down in the area.

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