Stop Using Your Phone As An Alarm clock;Find Out why

Setting up an alarm on your phone at bedtime seems like a harmless thing to do but the negative results of this innocent action overtime will shock,If you have been using your phone as an alarm clock, It is time to stop and here is why as sourced from www.medium,com

1. When your phone goes to bed with you, you spend your last few minutes before sleep staring at a glowing screen. This is bad for falling asleep. Most sleep doctors will tell you that you should have a full hour screen-free before trying to go to bed. This is partly because the glow is tough on your eyes, but it’s also psychological.

2,Holding your phone first thing in the morning means you’re probably going to do more than just turn off the alarm.  More often than not. you will find  yourself checking emails and before  you know it you are texting and loosing time then you suddenly realize you are running late and everything is rushes so what what the whole point of setting up the alarm to be up early and avoid the rush anyway 

3,When we look at our phones first thing in the morning and last thing at night we add more ‘files to the cabinet’ which can lead to disorganization and a backlog of thoughts to be processed.

This could explain why some of us have a headache or feel slightly disorientated in the mornings

4,It will Disturb your much needed sleep.

We are trained to respond to the buzz and dings of notifications — it’s only natural.

Even if your phone doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night your brain can subconsciously respond to those vibrations and actually disturb your sleep cycle. sleeping with your phone within reach is a recipe for disaster

studies show that up to 50% of people check their phones in the middle of the night and may be hooked on it for a long time resulting in health issues from a distorted sleep pattern

5.Buy an alarm clock today!It’s very basic and it’s really old school — but it does the job plus it will not get you distracted, no bright lights in your eyes, and you will  be healthier and happier for it, well go on ,get one already!


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