Stakeholders Call For integration Of SBCC Into Malaria Strategic Plans

Stakeholders Call For Integration Of SBCC Into Malaria Strategic Plans

18 October 2020 Health National News News

Stakeholders in the health sector have called for the integration of high quality social and behaviour change communication ( SBCC) into malaria strategic plans.

The National Coordinator, Civil Society in Malaria Control, Immunization and Nutrition (ACOMIN) Ayo Ipinmoye, at a Media briefing in Abuja noted that malaria endemic countries of Africa rank lowest in the  development classifications.

Stakeholders Call For integration Of SBCC Into Malaria Strategic PlansHe noted that the countries with highest number of malaria in the world  are the poorest country.

According to him, ” The United National embraces a broader definition of development that incorporates other issues such as health and education alongside income and have deployed five main composite indices to measure the average achievements in basic human development.”

“The malaria endemic countries of Africa rank lowest in the above development classifications. In the bid to understand and explain the above phenomena, scholars have shown that the endemic poverty in African nations, where millions of people live with less than 1$ a day in remote and rural communities, largely lacking access to basic health services, have meant that these nations are not able to curb or control infectious diseases.”

The National Coordinator noted that in low income countries, communicable diseases are most prominent, while in  middle upper income and high income countries, non-communicable diseases and road injuries were most common

Stakeholders Call For integration Of SBCC Into Malaria Strategic PlansThe lesson is that with concerted efforts, the low income countries can stop the relentless impact of communicable diseases, but as at now, it seems that, the communicable diseases are succeeding in stopping our attempts at developmental advance.”

Also speaking the  Advocacy, Communication, Social Mobilization Advisor , Catholic Relieve Services, Desmond Ajoko who called for community involvement in protection of government facilities, stressed the need for  states and local governments in the country to take responsibility of primary healthcare centres in their areas. 

“We need to do more, Global fund done much to show us the way, the states need to take ownership and buy into some of this projects and also expand it.”

The   global fund earlier this year  provided $1 billion to support countries to ensure that the gains made in Malaria, HIV and TB are not lost to Covid-19 out of which Nigeria is eligible to $29.8Million from in the new funds.

As part of national effort to address the challenges of Malaria in Nigeria, ACOMIN has been engaged by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) under the ongoing Global Fund (GF) Malaria Grant to implement the civil society component.





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