Soyinka-Led Citizen Forum Endorses Moghalu

8 February 2019 National News

The Citizen forum, led by Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has endorsed the presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party, Kingsley Moghalu.

Professor Soyinka made this known in a statement issued on Friday.

According to him, the decision was arrived at by the forum after months of consultations and interactions with Nigerians, especially the respective opposition contenders for the presidency.

Read The Full Statement Below.

New Directions In A Time Of Decision

The nation has been brought to her knees.  Internally, the blaring media testimony needs no augmentation. Beyond her borders, Nigeria is the tale of citizens designated pariahs of the global community for whom special dossiers are opened, and units of security agencies are specifically assigned.

Online transactions are programmed to reject basic usage once the word ‘Nigeria’ is inserted in the Data profile.

There are few nations left, within or outside the continental borders where – no matter the codeword – a Nigerian ‘room’ has not been designated. Her humanity litters the sand trails of the Sahara, it lines the Mediterranean sea-bed with the bones of a desperate generation, seeking ‘green pastures’.

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Lines from my poems have been appropriated and embossed as epitaphs on the tombstones of Nigerians washed up the isle of Catania and accorded dignified burials by total strangers, certainly paid more respect than Nigerians themselves consider due to their own humanity.  Other would-be migrants have been slaughtered by religious fundamentalists on the shores of Tripoli, while waiting for their precarious crossing on suicidal boats.

Yet others end up as commodities in the slave markets of Libya and Mauritania, hundreds recently rescued and airlifted – credit where credit is due! – repatriated by government.

It was not always thus. Numerous Nigerians believe that it need not remain so. There is always a choice to be made outside any presumptuous orders – in reality associations guaranteed to perpetuate social disorders and the politics of inequality. This is not the thinking of any one individual but of a large section of this populace.

If it were not, there would not have been a record number of nearly a hundred political groups aspiring to take over the reins of governance. We do not need any instruction however to estimate that several of the aspiring groups are mere plants, raised to sow confusion.

It redounds to the credit of a few individuals, including some of the candidates themselves, who embarked on efforts to winnow down their own ranks, then seek a consensus candidate as standard bearer for the battle against the two political behemoths.

Source: Channels News

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