Sophia Myles Father Died Of Coronavirus

23 March 2020 Entertainment

Hollywood Actress Sophia Myles is in mourning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After chronicling her father’s struggles fighting the virus, the “Doctor Who” actress announced on Saturday her father passed away. His age at the time of his passing is unclear.

The actress shared the sad news on Twitter on Sunday.

“RIP Peter Myles,” she wrote. “My dear Dad died only a few hours ago. It was the Corona Virus that finally took him.”

On the same day, Myles shared a photo of herself resting her hand on her father’s head in a hospital, donning gloves and a facemask while her father, eyes closed, breathes into a medical device.

“I can tell that under the surface, they are absolutely freaking out,” Myles said in the interview regarding medical professionals.

“I don’t know how our medical system is going to be able to handle the influx of patients.”

“Yesterday I went on a journey to see my father,” the actress wrote in the post. “This is the harsh reality of the coronavirus.”

The actress had shared several videos and photos on Twitter over the past few weeks, updating them on his condition.

She also spoke with CBS about his condition, saying she was “fully prepared to watch (her father) die.”

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