Seek, Pray For Spirit Of Understanding -Clergy Urges

Christians have been called to seek and pray for the spirit of wisdom ,understanding and not to be fearful, or without faith.

The Associate Priest , Holy Family Catholic Church, Life Camp, reverend father Peter MaCavlle, stated this at today’s sermon.

There are hearers who are worried about the future. There are hearers without foundation. It is the quality of the heart of the hearers that determine the fruitfulness of the word of God.

The man of God admonished Christians not to miss out of God’s blessings, if their response to God’s word is anything other than being like the good soil.

According to him” We may miss the blessing of protection, if like the rocky ground, we initially received the word with joy, but soon allow a problem we encounter to take away our focus from the word.”

That we may miss the blessing of protection, if like the thorny ground, we allow the challenging demands of daily life and the lure of riches to take away our commitment to the word.

The clergy man, however,said as the good soil, christians should always be,attentive to God’s word, seek further clarification whenever they do not understand what is proclaimed, and once understood, practice it with steadfastness despite problems,

‘The demands of daily life or the temptations of ill-gotten wealth, we will enjoy the blessings of protection, endurance, hope, comfort, forgiveness, redemption and other blessings.”

He prayed that the grace of God enable them to be steadfast in practicing God’s word, so that they would yield thirty fold or sixty fold or hundredfold of God’s blessings.

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