See Beyonce’s $3,500 ‘Beyday’ Birthday Cake (Photos)

The Queen Bey celebrated her birthday, but details about the day keep filtering through and the birthday cake is one.

Beyonce‘s birthday cake was a Geode theme cake in black with edible gold and white and gold crystals on it. There were other treats ordered for the mother of twins with specifications made to have them in black and yellow.

The cake was baked by Philadelphia’s Cake Wars’ winner, Cake Life Bake Shop, and reportedly costs at least, $3,500. 

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According to a source speaking to Page Six, Beyonce’s team specifically ordered a geode-themed cake, which costs at least $3,500, and goes up depending on size and complexity.

The cake described as ‘insanely expensive’ costs about 1.2million Nigeria. Is that expensive? Yes, but not so much for the Queen Bey.

Would you buy such a cake if you had the funds?



Photos: CakeLifeBakeShop Instagram

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