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Ruthless Consistency; The 5 Secrets Of Leaders Who Are winners

5 October 2020 Blog

If  asked the question, “How committed are you to winning”? Almost every leader will say things like, “Totally! I’m all in! One-hundred percent!” Those are just words. But what does it look like in practice?

Do you really want to quit the talk and do the work? if you are a leader who wants to keep winning, please read on

Ruthless consistency

Leaders who are ruthlessly consistent build organizations that win. Ruthless consistency means that everything you say and do — and everything you don’t say and don’t do — is aligned with winning.

1. The right focus

Developing and sustaining the right focus is key to being a ruthlessly consistent leader. Be sure that everyone in your organization understands what you’re striving to accomplish, why you’ve chosen those goals and how you plan to reach them. Communicate clearly on what you expect of each of your team members to get there.

2. The right environment

If you create the right environment, you’re providing a space that enables your team to perform at their absolute best. An ideal winning environment is one in which employees feel equipped, coached, supported and valued.

3. The right team

Choosing the right team is critical to a winning strategy. Focus your hiring efforts on more than just knowledge, skills and experience. Be sure to look for the traits associated with winning in potential employees — like taking initiative, persevering through challenges and being resilient in the face of change.

4. The right commitment

As a leader, you need to have the right commitment to being ruthlessly consistent. Let’s be clear what that means. Ruthless consistency doesn’t mean robotic repetition. It’s not about mechanical activity performed without variation or creativity. It is never quitting until your goals are realized against all odds. That is ruthless consistency.

5. Consistency of purpose

It’s more important to have a consistency of purpose that is constantly reflected in your decisions and actions. It means that everything you do — as varied and creative as that might be — is consistently aligned with your purpose and your intentions. The relentless alignment of intentions, decisions and actions is the foundation of success.

How committed are you to winning? Are you committed enough to be ruthlessly consistent?

Make it happen. Good Luck

Sourced from www.vistage.com(Edited)

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