Russia Firefighters Battling To Contain Wildfires After Heatwave

5 August 2020 International News

Report says,firefighters in Russia are battling to contain bush fires stretching across 60,000 hectares of land, which have been exacerbated by a recent heatwave in the country.

The fires are currently raging in the Chukotka autonomous area, the Yekaterinburg region and the Amur region.

“Ecology”, a national project to restore lost green spaces throughout the country, is also threatened by the rising temperatures.

Almost 2.5 billion rubles (€29 million) have been allocated from the federal budget to the scheme. This money is being used to sow seeds in the regions, to build nurseries and modern greenhouses for growing seedlings.

The Omsk region has also been affected by the heatwave this summer.During July and August, average temperatures continued to reach 36 degrees Celsius.

It’s a difficult time not only for citizens but also for animals.Staff at the local zoo have been spraying animals with water to cool them down.

Ecologist Viktoria Propp said drinking water was being cooled before giving it to the animals during the heatwave.


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