Rtd Air Commodore Abdullahi

Rtd Air Commodore Calls For Review Of Current Security Architecture In Nigeria

2 February 2020 National News News

The Federal Government has been urged to review its current security architecture and put in place more pre-emptive, pragmatic and responsive security that citizens of the country can trust and gladly work with.

Retired Air Commodore Darlington Abdullahi made the call in an interview with Radio Nigeria in Abuja.

He explained that with the review of the whole security architecture the Federal Government would be better able to protect the lives and property of Nigerians.

“Security is dynamic and we also have to be consistently dynamic to ensure that we are able to overcome the challenges as they appear,’’ he said.

Rtd Air Commodore Abdullahi also called on the government to immediately seek help from within and outside the country and stop applying the same cure that has failed repeatedly.

According to him unless Nigerians collectively tackle insecurity, foreign direct investments may continue to elude Nigeria, emphasizing that with the security challenges still persisting, unemployment will be difficult to address and the poverty level will keep rising thus creating further security challenges.

“Wthout tackling insecurity, investors will not come to the country and this will not give room for job opportunities” he added.

He said, “As a nation, we need prayers particularly at this time where we are facing a lot of challenges especially in the area of human security.

“As a people, we need to call on God to help us tackle these challenges because once there is insecurity in the land, it becomes very challenging to attract investors, and if investors are not coming the possibilities of providing jobs for growing youth population will be difficult.”

“Our population continues to grow at the rate at which it is affecting our resources and it is our prayer that God will continue to intervene so that our leaders will apply necessary measures to manage the security situation to the benefit of our nation.

He stressed that If there is peace, the government can plan better and with peaceful environments, there will be investments and job opportunities for the youths.

Abdullai who urged Nigerians to assist government in the fight against insurgency said government alone could not do it hence local ownership is important.

He therfore appealed to wealthy citizens to partner the government in providing public facilities needed by the citizens and invest in infrastructure development.

He recalled that years back same community inaugurated Police Stations to enhance the operationalization of the Nigeria Police thereby boosting the security in their area.

On the Issue of Amotekun and the call for community policing system, Abdullahi expressed optimism that it would enable people to be more vigilant, provide easy access to intelligence gathering and also increase communal security in order to stem the tide of insecurity in the country.

He further noted that with the required collaboration with the constitutionally established forces, there would be enhanced synergy among the security operatives and regional security initiatives.

He noted that various crimes including banditry, armed robbery and kidnapping that have been raising apprehension in communities needed to be fought to a standstill through the collective effort of all stakeholders in the country.

“The situation calls for effective collaboration to contain the ugly trend” he stressed.”

He further appealed to Nigerians to collaborate with the government towards the development and implementation of effective and working solution in respect of the security challenges facing the nation.

Rtd Air Commodore Abdullahi who appealed to Nigerians to redouble their efforts on communal security as was the case in the past called for the establishment of law enforcement agencies situation offices across the country for reporting cases of trespasses on their rights and property by bandits.


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