Rob Kardashian Exposes Blac Chyna’s Cheating (Photos)

Rob Kardashian has exposed the real reason Blac Chyna was with in a series of Instagram posts.

Rob Kardashian was never one to keep his emotions under wraps but this time he has let out multiple explosives about his baby Mama.

Rob has revealed shocking things about Chyna like how she underwent surgery he paid for to loose the baby weight. How she was always bitter at his baby sister, Kylie, for ‘stealing her man’. And how he’s spent about a million dollars in the past 2 months alone because of the former stripper.


Surprisingly, fans don’t seem too shocked and even rapper, Snoop Lion, thinks Chyna was just what her nature required.

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He also posted that she slept with 3 guys in the space of three days in the house he bought her. He also revealed that it was on the bed they made their baby.

Rob Kardashian exposes Blac Chyna

One of the guys contacted Rob asking for money to maintain Chyna otherwise he would blow the whistle. Too late for that now right?

What do you think about Rob and Chyna’s drama?

Photo source: Rob Kardashian’s Instagram

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