Riots At Greek Refugee Camp On Lesbos After Fatal Fire

At least two people have died in a fire at a Greek island refugee camp that triggered rioting by angry residents.

A woman and a child died in the blaze at the overcrowded Moria camp on the island of Lesbos, Athens News Agency reported, quoting police sources. The body of the woman was taken to the island’s general hospital while the body of the child was handed over to authorities by migrants.

The death toll, however, was unclear. One witness said three people died as a result of the fire, which spread to six or seven containers used as shelters. “We found two children completely charred and a woman dead. We gave the children covered in blankets to the fire brigade,” Afghani migrant Fedouz, 15, said.

According to the report, two bodies, one surrounded by weeping family members.

The fire inside the camp was extinguished by plane. However, a crowd gathered, angered at the time authorities took to respond to the incident, and police later fired teargas to quell the unrest.

In a statement, police said the riots occurred after two separate fires broke out, firstly outside and then inside Moria camp, 20 minutes apart.

Additional officers were sent from Athens in C-130 army planes, although local police sources said calm had returned to the camp by 11pm GMT.

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