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Richard Mofe-Damijo Set To Kickstart Production Of New TV Series

13 September 2017 Entertainment

Nollywood A-list actor has begun production of his new TV series.

Richard Mofe-Damijo, 56, is moving onto greater things with the start of his new TV series which he’s producing.

The actor and lawyer, on Instagram, said it took him 5 years to dream it into being, but today they kick started production.

“after approximately 5 years of dreaming, strategising and planning, cameras finally rolled today for my new TV series.”

New ventures are never easy. From conception to execution it’s fraught with all kinds of challenges and emotional roller coaster. Here am not now even talking money or the resources. 
Just dealing with the moments of self doubt, nay-sayers, criticisms some constructive, others condemning, some destructive many reassuring. 
Sometimes it is a battle to keep the negatives down and stay in prayer and trust God to be God. 
You would think that after all these years in the business me wanting to do a TV series of my own would not be a big deal right? Lie. It has been an uphill journey as I am as challenged if not even more so than most people who have taken up similar ventures. I am my own worst critic and i set standards for myself that sometimes my partners call unfair but hey, it is what it is. 

He gave a special shout out to people like Tara Durotoye, AfriNolly, Mo Abudu and his wife, Jumobi Mofe-Damijo.

For every other person wherever you are trying to start something, no matter how small or big and has doubts, just know you are not alone. We all have fears and doubts, it is what you do with them that matters. I have learned to trust the Spirit of God and He helps me ride mine, master it and let it become an inspiration to do more. 


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