Reps Move To Revert Nigerian Presidential System to Parliamentary System of Government

The House of Representatives has started moves to revert the Nigerian Presidential system to parliamentary system of government to save cost of governance.

The bill which seeks to achieve this and was sponsored by 71 members of the House across party
divide passed first reading at plenary.

Addressing newsmen after its passage the lawmakers stated several reasons why Nigerians should jettison the presidential system of government and embrace the parliamentary system.

Nicholas Ossai from Delta state who spoke on behalf of the other lawmakers said their position on this legislation clearly points to compelling advantages of parliamentary systems of government to
economic growth and development.

The lawmaker further added that studies have shown that countries run by presidential regimes
consistently produce lower output growth and more volatile inflation.

Ossai also listed slow passage of legislation, High Unemployment and political instability as the output of the current presidential system.

The lawmakers said upon the completion of the alterations to the constitution, the parliamentary system would also address the issue of consistent crisis between the executive and legislative arms of government.

The bill is expected to pass through second reading, public hearing and third reading before its sent to the Senate and all state houses of assembly for concurrence.

By: Aisha Adesanya/Abuja

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