Regina Daniels Reunites With Mercy Johnson For A Movie After 4 Years

Regina Daniels reunites with Mercy Johnson on the set of ‘Royal Dancers’ 4 years after ‘Dumebi in School.’ [Instagram/Regina Daniels]

The teen actress reunited with the Johnson-Okojie four years after playing the role of Onyeure in Tchidi Chikere’s ‘Dumebi in school.’

 Daniels and Johnson-Okojie bonded on the set of the 2014 released sequel and this was evident in their relationship on the set of ‘Royal Dancer’. 

In an Instagram post, Daniels said referred to Johnson-Okojie as her mama.

Regina Daniels made her acting debut starring as Onyeure in Tchidi Chikere’s ‘Dumebi in school,’ which was released in 2014.  


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