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Reggae Star Kingfranki Holyflames Drops New Hit Single

10 November 2020 Entertainment

Nigeria Reggae star Kingfranki Holyflames has dropped a new reggae hit single Titled “Accepted”.

The song he said was inspired by his life experiences and his journey in the reggae world was released few days ago on his youtube channel “Kingfranki Holyflames”.

According to him, a lot of people rejected him while growing up because of his interest in reggae music, to them, there was no future for him in the reggae world.

He told Kapitalfm that the story is different now as the reggae music has taken him to different places both within and outside the country.

“My family and friends who rejected me before are now associating with me because of my music. They now see that I was not wasting my time after all” He said.

“Reggae music is for champions and great achievers. Those who understand reggae music appreciate it a lot”. He added.

The hit single is filled with both inspirational and motivational messages.

Listen to the song on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDEnQVN2cY8

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