Rainy Days Can Be Fun If You Do These 5 Things,Especially No 5

It’s raining, it’s pouring, your day feels really boring— if you are not working or probably on holiday , you’re racking your brain for what to do on a rainy day.

These ideas are good for families, groups of friends or roommates, or kids on their own (yay). There are relaxing activities—because when do you ever get the time to relax?—plus great ideas for eating and drinking. We’ve got games that require nothing more than your imagination,here goes

1.  Sing and dance

sing and dance,invite the good neighbors over and have fun get yourself in the mood, some lines to remember

There’s no such thing as bad weather..only bad clothes

when life pours rain on you, make your own sunshine

2.Its your chance to appreciate nature

Take a few moments to observe the rain. Notice everything about it–the sights, sounds, smells, feel, taste, etc. Record your observations in your “nature Journal” you never know when it will come in handy no knowledge is wasted.

3. Make rain music

Put out pots, pans, bowls, tin foil or anything else you think might make a nice sound when raindrops hit it. You have kids..great,you can even watch from their bedroom window and listen together to the music, Enjoy the sound of rain music, “Tip, tip, tap, tip, tap, ting!”they will be signing and dancing along in no time

4.Have a movie marathon. 

Cozy up with some blankets and queue up those movies you always wanted to watch–or your old favorites. You can use an online streaming service or your DVD player if your WiFi is down. If you’re with your family or a group of friends, let everyone choose a movie. Don’t forget the popcorn!

5.Cook something up.

Fun is actually food spelled without the O’s! See what kind of dinner or lunch you can whip up just with the food you have around the house, or bake cookies and eat them fresh and warm out of the oven with some nice tea,coffee,hot chocolate and thank me later


credit rhythmsofplay.com, ww.realsimple.com

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