Radio Nigeria’s Matthew Ayoola Hits 40 Years & Celebrates With Family And Friends

Turning 40 is like the coming of age for a man. This is the time life begins, as the popular saying goes and it was such a time for Matthew Ayoola.

Matthew Ayoola, Radio Nigeria News Editor, marked his 40th Birthday at his residence in Gwagwalada surrounded by family, friends and colleagues.

When asked about his feelings on turning 40, Matthew gave the glory to God for helping him throughout the years.

“… considering my background and where I’m coming from, I give thanks to the Almighty God for how far he has helped me and where i am today. They say life begins at forty, my expectations right now is to grow in my career, my educational career and my profession. As a husband and also as a father.”

Matthew’s career in News spans over a decade and counting. The Oyo state native began his career in 2003 and is currently a News editor in Radio Nigeria’s Kapital FM. Going by the testimony of his colleagues, he demystified and revolutionized news editing in Kapital FM.

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Present at the soiree was Dr. Barclays Ayakoroma, DG National Institute for Cultural Orientation, NICO. He said his story at NICO wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Matthew Ayoola.

Barclays described Matthew as a man who doesn’t require supervision to do his work. He uttered his joy at being part of Matthew’s milestone and wished him well.

“He is somebody you can allow to do things without fear and I’m happy that he has risen. I know he will grow, as far as journalism and broadcasting is concerned.

I’m happy I’m part of the occasion and I’m happy he sees me as a mentor. It’s always the prayer of a father to say the son should attain a higher position in life than the father.”

Other notable persons present include Oba (Dr) Tunji Kofoworola, ARE of AGO AARE, Oyo state; Mrs Naomi Adelabu, wife of former VC, University of Abuja; Engineer Nwosu and his wife Mrs Ifeoma Nwosu (News); Victorson Agbenson (News), Radio Nigeria and Mohammed Lawal (News).

Mr Matthew and Mrs Yemi Ayoola with son, Smart

Mrs Adelabu, wife of former VC, University of Jos wished him long life.

“I wish him good health, long life and prosperity and I pray that he shall continue to grow in favour with God and with man.”

She concluded by encouraging him to continue to honour the Lord for the rest of his life.

Matthew’s Wife, Mrs Yemi Ayoola and his children prepared a special birthday wish for him with the saxophone. His first son, Smart, played the happy birthday song impressively on a saxophone and his wife couldn’t hide her joy at the milestone.

Goodwill Messages From Matthew’s Colleagues (News Room)

Mrs Ifeoma Nwosu (News)

Matthew is a hard-working editor, he knows his job and he takes his job seriously. I thank God that he is alive to mark his 40th birthday. My prayer is that this is just the beginning of his live and he shall live to see many more years and live to reach the peak of his career.

Yemi Odumade

Matthew Ayoola is very hardworking. He knows his job very well, he is punctual to work, respectful and dedicated. I wish him long life and prosperity in all areas of his life.

Parisa Samuel

Matthew Ayoola, as a matter of fact, is a boss and a colleague to me. When I started this job, he was the person that tutored and mentored me. Human beings are not perfect but I must give credit to his kind of person. I wish him long life and prosperity, I pray that he will continue to grow in grace in God’s guidance and blessings.

The Ayoolas’ spiritual leader, Reverend Ayotunde Julius Abiola, who was there from the start described the celebrant as “fantastic, accurate, mentally and spiritually sound” and saying he dressed well and “is always neat”.

“He is also a very smart man and very humble. He is my son in the Lord and we are praying for him that he will get to the top by the grace of God”.

One of life’s joys is knowing people have your back in good times and bad and if a man’s wealth can be measured in friends, Matthew Ayoola is definitely a wealthy man.

Happy 40th Birthday Sir Matthew Ayoola!


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