Queen Of Netherlands Solicits Improve HealthCare Services For IDPs

3 November 2017 National News News

The United Nations Secretary Generals Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development Queen Maxima of the Netherlands has called on  the federal government to embrace health insurance and  financial inclusiveness  to address some basic challenges in the country.

The special Advocate Queen Maxima made the call in Abuja at a briefing on her activities since her arrival in Nigeria which has witnessed assessment of low cost health insurance programs, amongst others.

According to the Queen Maxima more government efforts  are needed to improve access to health care for those who have been displaced by insurgency.

 Queen Maxima at a briefing on her activities in Nigeria

Queen Maxima at a briefing on her activities in Nigeria

“Worldwide hundred million people fall back into poverty,because of medical expenses, we are giving credit to this medical hospital facilities so that they increase their efficiency rate, and therefore give healthcare to the people.at a cheaper rate financially proven.inclusive insurance,.”

“Health insurance is a very important part of the welfare of people and also increases the efficiency of the economy. Which is really very important for them.”Queen said.

 Queen Maxima advised government to provide credit facilities to hospitals for them to be able to provide better health insurance in Nigeria.

“The situation in the Northern part of the state should be addressed, to actually have access to these people,so that they can actually get all the help they need.”

She also  advocated for relaxation of regulatory requirements for the registration of Mobile Money Agents.

“In order to make this possible, there are two ways to focus on. The first , is to make use of technology, which would bring humongous potential for Nigeria,” she said.

 Queen Maxima at a briefing on her activities in Nigeria

Queen Maxima at a briefing on her activities in Nigeria

Queen Maxima explained that there are practical steps to assist the country to achieve the financial initiative starting with change of regulations.

She added that certain things would have to be made possible so that mobile network operators could effectively act as mobile money operators.

“There is a lot that can be done, but we will help with the technical advice and also show how it is being done in other countries where the initiative has actually worked very well.

 Queen Máxima was in  Nigeria from Monday evening 30 October to Thursday 2 November in her role as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development. 

 ,Queen Máxima previously attended the launch of the National Strategy as UN Special Advocate in 2012 (Government Information Service press release no. 316, 2012). Her current visit  focuses on ways to move faster in improving access to financial services. Central and sub-national authorities both play key roles in this process.



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