Private Sector Hospitals To Unite To End Tuberculosis [AUDIO]

March 24th is world Tuberculosis day and this year, every stakeholder has commited to create awareness on the dangers of TB.  With theme-Unite to end Tuberculosis. We have heard that 80% of TB cases go untreated due to many reasons. This first report by Hilda highlights this more. Click the immediate link below.

Stigmatization, Ignorance, multidrug resistant cases and many more factors as heard in that report by Hilda says it all.

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The Director HIV/TB at USAID, Mr Hang Kang,  and Dr Temitayo Odusote were on the 7am news of network news Friday morning to throw more light on it’s causes, it’s symptoms, it’s potency and how close TB is to you, unknowingly.

Tuberculosis is 100% Curable and the SDG’s goal to end TB has witnessed practical steps by TB stakeholders as reported in the package below by Modupe Aduloju.

No doubt, strategic communication is the key to ‘leave no one behind’ as every stakeholder unites to end TB in Nigeria.

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