What I Would Do When I Am President…Mimi Dogo

 I am sick and tired of people(myself inclusive) complaining,murmuring, grumbling about the change they expect, I have decided that I am the change I have been waiting for, the hero that I need! 

It all started  on the day when the children asked me to help them with  their homework,they had been asked to write an essay titled “What I will Do if I Were the President” When we put heads together, this is what we arrived at in summary..

Too many  leaders, including presidents, have interchanged  the word “loyalty”  with  “allegiance to  (personal) political goals”.   We’re well past time to understand that loyalty to our country is above and beyond our loyalty to any one person.  No one is  worthy of personal loyalty above National loyalty! 

  Flexibility is possible only when clear laws draw clear lines.  People seem to think it’s all right to leave government matters up to the government, But who if i may ask is government? Aaa, Aha!then it’s clear that society has a very weak understanding of what sedition really means.The line between dissent and sedition has become unclear.

Various   definitions  of sedition include the “notion of inciting by words or writings disaffection towards the state or constituted authority”.  Dissent is a prerequisite for democracy- the people cannot steer government if there is no difference of opinion among them.  

  If I were president, acting in the country’s best interests to refocus people’s attention on  matters that are trully important.I would strongly encourage  the  need for  clarity on this  issue  to be put back into focus!  

I would make make it so politicians, including myself, were just as accountable to the law as the average citizen. No more would politicians be able to use their influence to escape being accountable for their actions. I believe that the people in Government should be just as accountable for their actions as every other citizen.

I would make use of public transportation. For example, I would want to have railroads more accessible to take people across the country. The children and i recently took a train trip, and wondered how good it will be to have trains go to every nook and cranny of the country,,hmm just imagine what that would do ! Our roads today…well you know what i am about to say and that too

“I would make it against the law to call someone a  silly name,” …That came from my 6  year old! ( i guess that came from a  school bully calling him a name he did not like)but it holds true especially with the on-going “much ado ” about “hate speeches !…quick question,  When is the last time you prayed for the president and his advisers? talk is cheap but God through our prayers can do mighty things!

 It makes no sense to try to fix the problems that exist in other countries, when we can’t even fix our own. Plus, many don’t even want us in their country to begin with. So I will Make this Country top priority,Charity begins at home remember!

I would fight crime with combined efforts of an entirely new organization that has both training in law enforcement and military training, that would assist local law enforcement  and also increase border security, People and goods coming into the country must do it the right way.  A secured border helps secure a country!

I’d also uphold a ” serve only two terms rule”! – (and even that will depend  on good governance and for continuity  of unfinished projects)Anyone who intends to go beyond that will have to be chased out  from public office forever! Its not” Family Business”

There is so much more I would do,however let me pause here and  answer your questions,……you may want to ask, how can you, a woman become president in this country?, well, have you heard the saying your vote is your power? so you can help me achieve this dream, there are many ways to become president, you may not be there physically on that seat, but you can be president with and through your vote.

Now it is your turn to write this essay, what will you  do when, (not if ) you become President, Remember you can do it through your vote but first think through your essay and let us know, you never know, good dreams still come true!

For all that is good and true, for all that is fair and just, for all that is patriotic and obeys the nations call…for love of counrty above love of self, for loyalty to Nation,over  loyalty to  political party, for the president in you and me,forever and for always!



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