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Politics: YIAGA Africa Urge Youths To Key Into Not Too Young To Run Act

17 October 2018 National News News

The Nigerian youths have been urged to take advantage of the Not Too Young to Run act to participate in politics.

Program manager of YIAGA Africa, Miss Cynthia Mbamalu, made the call at a Youth Affirmative action Debate forum in Abuja, titled Increased Youth Participation in Politics, translates to Good Governance.

The debate was organised to stimulate public discourse on youth affirmative action and also enlighten youths on their right to political participation.

According to Miss Mbamalu it became necessary to engage youths in political debate as they play major role during political campaigns.

She explained that the youths need to be sensitized on issue based campaigns and well guided in participating in electoral processes.

“The youths form the major population of the country today, at this time of election it is very important to begin to sensitize them on issue based campaigns. This is why we decide to organize this debate”

“We have given them the topics of discussion, they are well exposed on the topics, this is another way of educating them on their rights in decision making of the country, they have been taught not to sell their votes but to vote for credible candidate, how do we reach out to the youths , we go to the universities”

” The selection was made from six universities of the six geopolitical zones of the country. I believe there is no better time to do this than now, we are still going to extend this debate to secondary schools “.

The proponents at the debate were of the view that youths were energetic and a useful instruments for national development.

The Opponents maintained that youths must be well grounded with requisite knowledge on politics to be able to contribute meaningfully in electoral process and good governance.

The youths were selected from the University of Abuja, Kaduna State University, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, University of Calabar, University of Maiduguri and Ibadan.



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