This Is What Physical Touch Can Do To You

Craving for a physical touch is a sign that you are a human being.  It could be from a spouse, a friend, a relative or even a colleague.

These feelings are normal and can be experienced by anyone and at any stage of our lives. As human beings, we crave physical contact. In fact, our species requires it to thrive.

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Physical touch, ranging from a common hand shake, to hugs or romantic gestures, depending on the type of relationship that exists between the parties involved go a long way in creating a bond between individuals.

According to a recent research, human touch has wide-ranging physical and emotional benefits for people of all age groups.

Here Are Some Benefits

For Newborns the warm touch of their mothers or care giver-makes them gain weight faster and have superior mental and motor skill development. Also touching on the back and legs generally soothes babies while touching on the face, belly and feet tends to excite them.

1. Physical Touch Creates a Bond Between Children And Their Parents: – In the earliest stages of a child’s life, touch is a critical part of the establishment of a bond between parent and child. It is also the earliest form of parent-child communication. So make it a duty to always hug or carry your children especially when you are away from them for long hours.

2. Physical Touch Enhances Learning Engagement: –  When teachers touch students platonically, it encourages their learning. French psychologist Nicolas Guéguen reports that when teachers pat students in a friendly way, those students are three times as likely to speak up in class, but it must remain platonic.

3. People Who Enjoyed Physical Touch as Children Are Less Aggressive: – There is some evidence that the level of aggression and violence among children is related to lack of touching. According to James Presscott, an American developmental psychiatrist, the violence in our society are majorly a result of child mother bonding which comes from physical touch.

4. Physical Touch Promotes Trust And Security: – As humans, we are conditioned to bond with one another in a physical way. This is why many people determine someone’s trustworthiness by the quality of their handshake.

5. Hugs Improves general well being: –  A hug doesn’t just feel good, it is also good for the physical and emotional well being of an individual. Regular hugs lower a person’s heart rate and blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and may enhance immune function.

6. Touches deepens the relationship between spouse : – Especially in a sexual relationship, touching affects both the person being touched and the one doing the touching (starting with holding hands, then kissing, and eventually sexual intimacy), it is one of the most fundamental ways of fostering and communicating intimacy in a romantic relationship.

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