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Dr Farouk Jega, Country Director, Pathfinder International and a criss section of Reproductive Health Journalists of Nigeria.

Pathfinder Proffers Solution To Abortion, Infectious Diseases And Unwanted Pregnancies

11 August 2019 Health National News News

The Federal Government has been urged to encourage the establishment of youth friendly centres where youths can access information and services on family planning across the country.

This is to ensure that adolescents are carried along in family planning issues that will help them take informed decision.

The Country Director, Pathfinder International, a non governmental Organization, Dr. Farouk Jega made the call at a workshop for the Media Advocacy Working Group, comprising journalists and health editors in Lagos.

Dr Jega said that, preventing adolescents from accessing family planning services was exposing them to health hazards such as unwanted pregnancies, abortion and infectious diseases among others.

According to him, family planning is for every woman whether she starts having children early or not and all women deserve to have the right to quality information and services.

Dr Jega who emphasised the need for male involvement explained that although most of the methods are for women, not all the methods are one hundred percent full proof hence the need for the men to support the women through it .

“There was no reason for parents to take decision for the adolescents, there is need to keep talking about it and not to be judgmental.”

” Almost all of them have issues but are not life threatening but are usually self limited, with time and almost always one hundred percent reversible once the woman stops using those methods but they can constitute a huge nuisance”.

Dr Farouk Jega noted that although FP methods should only be given having carried out tests to ascertain the pregnancy status of the woman which is the first principle in family planning, as all the methods have the potential of causing a miscarriage.

According to him, family planning do not mean that a woman should not have children but should have the number of children she can cater for adding that several studies shows that child spacing for a minimum of two years between one pregnancy and the next has a lot of health benefits.

” There is none of he studies that have shown any relationship with any disease or any disorder including fibroid but there is a correlation between fibroid developing in the womb and some forms of infertility.”

“That is not to say it is because woman refused to have children, but may be the same genetic factors that were responsible for the infertility that is responsible for the fibroids to come.”

Dr Jega stressed that, there were millions of women who have taken up family planning and had never developed fibroids.

” These ones did not even use family planning have tried to become pregnant later on, they developed fibroid or they had the fibroids adventure have tried to become pregnant but they could not. “

There is a strong relation between fibroid and infertility but none between limiting of children and the development fibroid.

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