Over 800 Returnees Arrive Banki Amid Humanitarian Crisis

Eight hundred and eighteen Nigerian refugee returnees arrived Banki from Cameroon Saturday.

More than 12,400 refugees returned abruptly to Banki, Borno State, in April and May,  Banki,is 100 kilometres southeast of Maiduguri and home to nearly 45,000 people, refugees are arriving to difficult conditions.

The returnees have created enormous pressure on the very few existing services, already stretched to the limit in servicing IDPs that were already in Banki.

According to a statement  made available to newsmen in Abuja,by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees,UNHCR  the refugees comprise of  151 adult male, 146 adult female, 521 children.

The statement said the UNHCR  has taken the following action:

Informed WFP to provide food for the new arrivals. WFP promised to look into a possibility of providing dry food ration immediately.

The Office also discussed with the military to provide firewood for cooking, discussed with MRRR to set up emergency reception tent, pending completion of the reception centre next Wednesday.

Meanwhile UNHCR and partners are monitoring other urgent needs that may arise.

A quick survey indicates that water is available in the camp and the condition of the returnees is stable.

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Some came with food rations and are already looking for means of cooking especially for those fasting.

According to the statement UNHCR staff on ground are following are following the situation closely.

The influx will certainly compound the yawning gap of needs in terms of shelter, food, core relief items, hygiene kits and others,




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