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Your skin is exposed to different types of stressors throughout the day. As your largest organ, it is important to make sure you are taking care of it – especially your facial skin. Since your face is not covered by clothing, it is naturally open to receiving the most abuse from a variety of sources such as UV exposure, arid or humid climates, harsh air conditioning or heating, cigarette smoke and other pollutants.
To help protect the skin from environmental damage, it creates a moisture barrier of a waxy/oily substance called sebum. While sebum is beneficial to your skin, if it stays on the face too long without being cleaned it can mix with makeup, dirt, debris, sweat, etc. This may cause a blockage of skin follicles leading to acne, blotchy skin, irritation and overall unhealthy looking skin

So here are 4 facts on why face washing is so important.
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1. If you have acne, it’s essential to wash away the sources of your acne.
Thick oil, grime, the likes. This is so self-explanatory and if you are desperate enough to get rid of your acne, you would totally jump on this.

2. It helps to prevent aging.
All the pollutants floating around in the air especially in cities, like Lagos, can get into your pores and wreak havoc. Washing your face regularly can be very helpful in this area.

3. Washing your face not only washes away the bad stuff, but lets the good stuff in.
If you don’t wash your face, you’re allowing all the pollutants, smog, exhaust, and other garbage found in the air to settle into your pores. This then prevents the skin-fixing products you’re trying to apply, from penetrating your skin. Washing your face basically equals receiving the full benefits of your serums, moisturizers, and creams.

4. Wash with water not clean with wipes.
wipes- note that they are especially effective in dissolving makeup and physically removing it from your face, there are chemicals in your wipes that you need to wash off, putting us right back to square one.

Care should be put into how you wash your face. Just using hand soap is not a good idea because the skin differs depending on the area of your body. For example, the hands have some of the thickest skin, but facial skin is the thinnest. By using products that are not meant for your face, you can risk irritating more delicate facial skin.
The first step is to select a cleanser based on your skin type and sensitivity. Most facial products will be tailored to different types of skin – oily, combination, normal and dry. Those with more sensitive skin should look for cleansers that are formulated to be mild and gentle. Specific ingredients are also added to products for those with acne-prone skin.
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Also check the directives on your cleanser. Most indicate to use warm, not hot, water to wet your face. Add the recommended dosage,then massage the cleanser into your face in a circular motion with your fingers or a clean dampened washcloth. The skin in this area is especially thin and can be more sensitive.
Take note to be extra gentle when washing around the eyes and eyelids be careful not to get any product in the eyes. Finish by rinsing with cool water to close the pores, and gently pat your face dry using a clean, soft towel being careful not to rub dry as it could irritate the skin.

By washing your face twice daily as directed and using any night Skin care products, you will experience cleaner, healthier and younger looking skin.

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