Obadiah Mailafiya Released From DSS Custody

The Department of State Security Service, DSS have released Obadiah Mai lafiya after spending about 40 minutes in its facility.

The former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN had arrived at the Plateau State headquarter of the Service in Jos at about 12.12pm.

He was earlier invited, squeezed and released last week Wednesday over some comments he made at a radio programme, alleging that a serving Governor in one of the States in the North was a Commander of Boko Haram.

The fresh invitation came at the weekend and he arrived the vicinity of the DSS office at about 12.06pm in company of his wife, Margaret, lawyer Yakubu Bawa, Rev. Gideon Para-Malam, Barr. Nankin Bagudu amongs other supporters.

Speaking with some journalists on arrival, Mailafiya said, he is honoured to have them here saying that the invitation came during the weekend and he had to honour it, Without knowing the reason for the invite and as a good, loyal and obedient citizen of his country he responded to help them in the course of their enquiry.

Coming out of the DSS office at about 12.59pm, his lawyer,  Barr. Bawa who is the Jos Branch Chairman of NBA, he restated that Mr Mailafia was treated with decorum.

He said, the invitation was a build up of what really transpired and we very much appreciate the fact that he was treated with decorum again, with honour and respect.

There was no iota of molestation or intimidation of any kind.

He reiterated the current state of security in the country, and in a serious enigmatic conundrum that it is difficult to know what is happening and all that is being planed to see how a better and safe country and it is in that light that he came again based on the invitation issued to him to have an interface with the Director and other officials of the DSS.

Barr. Bawa said the meeting was quite a fruitful and there is no course whatsoever to be worried in respect of the invitation.

He called on everyone in the country to leave as one and also see how security can be enhanced.

Bilkisu Kambai/Jos

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