Nyanya Bombing: Federal High Court Opens Trial of Suspects

Trial of Aminu Ogwuche and five others accused of master minding the Nyanya Bomb blast in April, 2014 has opened at a Federal High Court in Abuja.

Nyanya Bombing April 2014
Nyanya Bombing April 2014

The blast which killed scores of people aslo injured many others.

The prosecution witness told the court how the six accused persons were arrested and taken into custody.

He also tried to draw the attention of the court to a deportation order for the first accused person, Aminu Ogwuche in 2011, which was over ruled by the judge because of his inability to produce the said document in court.

The lawyer to Ogwuche had opposed his testimony on the ground that it will be prejudicial to the case and the fact that in law the accused cannot testify orally about a document not tendered in court.

This argument was rejected by the prosecution but Justice Ahmed Mohammed agreed with the defence.

Earlier, the High Court granted the request of the government to allow witnesses in the trial of the suspects to give their testimonies using masks.

Justice Ahmed Mohammed granted the motion filed by the prosecution to shield his witnesses from the public for security reasons.

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