Do Not Wait To Loose It Before You Show Gratitude!


I hear the saying all the time, “You do not know what you have got until its gone” But really must we ? Must we  keep taking the things we have for granted or keep being ungrateful until we loose them and then we realize how blessed we are? How pathetic…An how sad too that we tend to take for granted the very things we should value the most, our health,relationships,freedom,jobs etc

What Do You Take For Granted? Maybe it’s not your health. Maybe it’s your freedom that you take for granted.

Maybe you can read whatever you want compared to it being filtered by the government. Maybe you can travel wherever you want with your passport and VISA. Maybe you have UNLIMITED choices in careers if you put your mind to it.


And maybe, you take your relationships for granted?

Hmmmn .We are all guilty…maybe you should  try to imagine what life would be like without a family or your significant other, and that might help. But I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for the eventual loss of them, either in death or in a break up.My eyes well up in tears each time i remember that both my parents are gone, I do not think I called them as often as I could have, now I would give the world just for the privilege of a phone call……….

What about if you had no friends to rely on? Nobody to talk to? How about that stark isolation and feeling of nobody being able to understand, connect, or empathize with you?

I don’t think even your wildest imagination can paint a clear picture of the reality of  how things would be like without  the people or things in our lives,And your freedom of movement, Chai! Imagine loosing the use of your legs or being confined in prison, oh wait oo not for a crime , there are alot of innocent people in prison for what they have no knowledge of, they may just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time!


To tell you the truth,(and also trying to be optimistic)… some things we just can’t control and it sucks.

I guess the only thing you can do, other than  cherish the people and things in your life  with heartfelt gratitude,  is expecting that sometimes you will have these unfortunate events happen!

Sometimes life does throw curve balls. And no matter what, you will be angry, frustrated, upset, sad, and anxious for a while. You will think things are unfair.But depending on how severe something is, you will gain a new appreciation for something you probably took for granted. You’ll reflect on where you’re going in life, chart a course for improvement, and you’ll be better for it.

Today. I encourage you,call that friend or relative, buy that ticket,make that trip, say what you really feel,give that project your best shot,love the people in your life, live your dreams and by all means enjoy being yourself, be happy, enjoy life!

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