Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw Says Parents Should Resist The Urge To Put Their Kids On Social Media

Nollywood veteran, Kate Henshaw wants parents to resist the urge to show off their kids on social media.

The movie star in a tweet shared via her Twitter page on Thursday, August 20, 2020, said parents should allow their kids to grow up and decide if they want to be part of social media.

“I know it’s hard but resist the urge to put your children out there on social media. When they are old enough to know the dangers associated with it, then,” she tweeted.

Henshaw believes this is necessary because of the evil intentions of many who watch these harmless kids on social media.

“Many are roaming, watching, tracking, with evil intentions. May God protect our children in this new age.”

Since social media became incorporated into the everyday lifestyle of millions of people worldwide, photos, and videos of personal activities of many individuals has become the order of the day.

In the entertainment world, we’ve come to see some celebs show off their kids on different social media platforms daily.




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