India Train CrashThe police said at least nine people have been killed and 18 others injured when a tractor pulling a wagon loaded with people was hit by a train in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The accident happened at an unmanned level crossing near the town of Bijnor.

The wagon was carrying people returning from a ceremony at a Hindu temple.

There are nearly 15,000 unmanned crossings on Indian railways and hundreds of people are killed on these crossings every year.

The chief of Bijnor police HN Singh said that 30 people were travelling in the wagon when the passenger train hit it early on Wednesday.

Safety standards on India’s massive state-run railway network, which operates 9,000 passenger trains and carries some 23 million passengers every day, has been an ongoing concern amid a spate of accidents.

Last July at least 18 children were killed along with their driver when a school bus was hit by a train in the state of Telangana.

And in December five children were killed and 13 others injured when a school bus was hit by a train in Uttar Pradesh.

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