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When it comes to weight loss, Nigerian women have heard and oined many programmes, plans, diets,etc. Slim with ease is a change of life style plan that offers you a healthier life as well as easily makes you loose weight. We had a chat with Nina Ndubisi the CEO of SlimWithEase who consistently lost about 60kg within a period of 2years. She talks about birthing SWE, the high points and the low points of the two year old organisation.


Many people believe any easy thing isn’t  worthwhile, what make SWE so outstanding? Why should it be any one’s preference among the various diet plans out there?

Most diet plans are designed with the “white man” in mind and tend to stir people away from eating their local foods, claiming that our foods are fattening. Their plans will tell you to eat; salad, lasagna, shepherds pie or any other dish that may be alien to we Africans. Or encourage people to eat only foreign vegetables.

The SWE plan was designed with the Nigerian (African) in mind, taking into account our diet and local foods that are easily accessible, affordable and available to everyone including those who live in remote villages. Where these other dietary plans will give you meal plans suggesting you eat; cucumber, lettuce, egg plants etc.

The SWE plan will encourage you to eat;











Ukwa etc swe-food

If you needed to lose weight and had a choice of plans to choose from which would you go for;

A plan that restricts you from eating all the local foods that you love  Or A plan that allows you eat all your favourite local dishes but teaches you to prepare them in a healthier way that will aid; weight loss, improve mobility, reduce your cholesterol levels, reduce your blood pressure, normalise your blood chemistry and regularise your hormonal levels??
2.It is two years already, what has been the highest moments for you as the CEO?

Each time we get a new sign up is a high point for me as the CEO of SWE, it means that, people are believing in what we stand for and realising by reading the testimonies of other success stories of SWE that our plan is not only a sustainable plan but a healthy and successful one.

3. Nigerian women have a high record of following fads, especially asper weights and diets, how can you compare them with women from other climes?
The problem with Nigerian women when it comes to anything concerning weight loss is – they are so gullible and very quick to jump on bandwagons.  Most of the time they don’t do their research properly before diving in and it just takes a singular most likely photoshopped picture of a before and after image of someone, to get them “selling their soul to the devil”.

The major issue with us (not just Nigerians) is; we all want to lose weight, but no one wants to work hard to achieve it. We all fail to accept that, the weight did not creep on overnight so it will take hard work, a lot of effort, commitment and time to fall off. Most people lack patience and keep looking for a miracle pill that will melt the fat overnight, when they realise it will never happen, they start looking for quick fix fad diets that will enable them to lose weight quickly.

Any diet a person embarks on is guaranteed to make you lose weight in the first few weeks, as the body will be intaking less calories than what it’s used to, but what makes a “diet plan” healthy lies within how sustainable it is.

4.Ever felt like giving up? What was your lowest moment then?

I am human and every now and then life gets in the way, there are certain circumstances that we just can’t avoid and no matter how much we as humans try there comes sometimes when, we just want to throw caution to the wind, forget everything about healthy eating and lie in bed for days eating chocolate and ice cream.

Yes, I’ve felt like giving up several times, but what keeps me motivated and renews my dwindling willpower is when, I remember my journey so far has inspired a lot of people and when I sit back and start appreciating my new health record and all the benefits it comes with. My lowest point is when I know I’ve been compliant 100% and the scales don’t seem to move in the direction I would like, that can be very disheartening.


5. Are there any medical implications with the SWE lifestyle?

SWE is a healthy sustainable weight loss plan that is safe and friendly for the entire family including; children, expectant mothers and lactating mothers and for the fact that the plan does not involve the ingestion of any pills, shakes, juices etc.  As the plan involves eating our normal everyday food with the elimination of two food groups, it’s perfectly safe with no medical implications for anyone who embarks on the plan


6. What do you consider most important in the weight loss programme?

Sustainability and weight maintenance is the most important deciding factor used to test if a diet is good or bad.Thankfully, the SWE can boast of having both of these factors.


7.We see your vision is to make families healthy…How is that coming through? All our clients who sign up for the SWE plan are asked if they live with other people (partner, parents, children), if they respond in the affirmative they are advised to ensure that, once they start the plan they make sure that, everyone is eating from the same pot. We do this to debunk the belief that once a person is on a diet or decides to start following a healthy eating plan they have to start cooking a separate pot of food to the rest of the family.


We have had positive feedback from most of our clients informing that, members of their family have noticed reduction in their waist line and feel fitter and healthier for it.

 8. What should people consider when trying to loose weight?

Before anyone embarks on any weight loss program they should check with their doctor first to make sure they don’t have any undetected health conditions such as diabetes etc And most importantly they need to look for a plan that is not only healthy but sustainable and realistic.

9. Whats the future of SWE?

We are waiting for the economy to improve so that we can do another round of the major cities/towns in Nigeria again and visiting areas we haven’t been to such as; Lagos mainland,  Enugu and some of the northern states.

We are also looking at setting up in Ghana


Meanwhile, While women from all over the world are on the virtual plan, Slim with ease has been launched in Lagos Island, Abuja and PortHacourt


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