Nigerian Artists Seek Adequate Funding To Boost Sector, Improve Economy

Participants at the 2019 Marvel Art Challenge for schools have called on the federal government to invest more in arts for the nation reap its full benefit.

Marvel Art Challenge for schools, is an art challenge organized for Government Secondary Schools in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

The challenge is aimed at encouraging art students, and to make impact on schools creating opportunities for students to display their talents and to own it to the extent that they begin to profit from it.

It began on 27th May 2019, when students were given time to get prepared for the first level of the challenge in June 2019. Which involved (Drawing and Painting).

Many of the participants and contestants agreed that the Art Challenge was a good way to showcase talents and promote arts, and also that art shows the beauty of a country.

At the grand finale of the Art’s challenge on first October 2019, the CEO of Marvel Matrix, and the organizer of the Marvel Art Challenge, Mrs Phil Okoroafor described Art as a beautiful thing irrespective of writing, painting or drawing.

“It allows you to express your deeper thoughts, that you might not be able to express in words”.she said.

Fellow of Nigerian Arts, representative of the Director General, Arts and Culture, Mr. Ike Nwachukwu, observed that the Art challenge was a very beautiful step in the right direction.

He said “Importantly I can see that the level of art in this competition has been outstanding.’

“The winners will become distinguished gentlemen in the society, because this is creating future leaders, creating employment opportunities also for the future of Nigeria”.

He said the Marvel Arts Challenge was going to eliminate vices amongst the youths by engaging them meaningfully through art.

At a time in Nigerian history when, diversification of skills amongst the youths in different fields is most pertinent, young people exhibiting their talent in Arts is a good source of preserving culture and increasing economic benefit of individuals and the nation.


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