Nigeria Joins The World To Mark International Day Of Families

15 May 2018 National News News

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to mark International Day of Families, couples across the country have been advised to live in harmony to foster peace and progress in the society.

 National President of an NGO, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, Rev George Ogurie gave the advice in an interview with Kapital FM in Abuja.

He noted that societal ills, such as violence, sexual immoralities, high rates of divorce and crimes were signs of weakness in the family structure.

“There is conjugal love that binds two people together, when a nation have ethics of conjugal love, there would be no crisis, extra- marital affairs. These love involve brothers, and sister, parents to children and the conjugal couple, I enjoy couples to be faithful to each other”.

Rev. Ogurie said the organization was committed to programmes the would strengthen marriages and families for peaceful co-existence.

“Right now we have 36 volunteers who have been educating couples on marriage principles across the 36 states and FCT, it is a one year program, we started in January and the program will end February. About 7 states have been covered already, hopefully by February we will reach the rest of the states”.

The National President of the NGO Rev. Ogurie explained that 36 volunteers have been selected to carry out a one year programme on marriage principle in 36 states and FCT.

By: Julian Osamoto/Abuja

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