Nigeria: ARIN Seeks Adequate Funding, Radiological Equipment

The Association of Radiologists in Nigeria (ARIN) has called on the federal government to pay attention to the practice of radiology and ensure that radiological equipment is available in the country.

The newly-elected National President of ARIN, Prof. Sule-Ahmed Saidu who made the call at a news conference in Abuja, promised to work with other health sector workers and address the challenges experienced in the practice of radiology in Nigeria.

“We intend to work with our colleagues in the other fields of specialization in medicine, but also with other health professionals that we engage in our professions,”the association will bank on industrial harmony that will involve the services of radiographers, nurses, technicians and other health workers that will be ready to work day and night.”

He said the association would also work with the National University Commission (NUC) to come up with appropriate programme such as biomedical engineering service in different universities.

“The introduction of biomedical engineering service would ensure that the association continues to develop and maintain health equipment for the progress of healthcare in Nigeria.”

“Radiology is important and as it always said, radiologist is the doctor of doctors. Radiology is the most contemporary of all the medical fields,” “When a patient is treated, it is only when you follow up that you can confirm the patient situation, one of the surest ways you can monitor such patient is radiological.

“Apart from proper diagnosis, which is an integral part of successful treatment of diseases, radiology is also very important in the follow up of patients.“We are beginning to have an increasing number of patients that present with cancer and for them to get the appropriate treatment, radiology is necessary for diagnosis.”

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