New York Fashion Week 2017: Nicki Minaj Wears Oscar Delarenta

The New York Fashion Week, NYFW,  is one of the biggest fashion events in the world which takes place in February and September of each year. 

The NYFW is a place for international designers to showcase what they have for the new season – as in, what’s hot and what’s not. This is where trends are set and others dropped.

Celebrities are a must watch and we spotted the ‘barbie’, Nicki Minaj in a dazzling number.

Nicki Minaj wears Oscar Delarenta on day 3 of the NYFW.

The dress is a black sleeveless ball gown with tiny coloured flowers pasted on from the bust to the bottom. The flowers just remind you of spring.

Her only accessory is a magnificent diamond necklace and her blonde hair is cascading down her back. Quite similar to her VMAs look.

How will you rate this dress on a scale of 1-5?

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  3. Don’t Care
  4. I love it!
  5. Awesome!


Photos: Nicki’s Instagram

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