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A New Year , New Rules, Same Old Mum

4 January 2018 Blog Mum's Diary News

I believe it is only natural that  planning for the new year, making resolutions and all should also come  with planning to be a better mum, a better parent and re branding or re-positioning ourselves with more apt parenting skills

New year day was awesome and permit me to say a very Happy New Year to you all, may it be filled with great parenting experiences  and may we reach  major landmarks with our parenting and attain remarkable  parenting milestones…Amen!

Now one of the things that my son said to me on New year day was, “Its a New year Mum, let us have as many chocolates, soda’s and  at least today just let us play and do whatever we like” I did not have to say a word, my eldest daughter took one look at me and told her brother, “Hmmn  Mummy has not changed oo,  ” I had to burst out laughing

What is good is good and what is bad is bad regardless if it is a new year or not, I realize that if i slack some of the rules because of the holidays( like bedtime rules) It may be difficult to get back on track  after the holidays so it is better to stay with it.

However, it is totally in order to look at setting new rules or adjusting old ones especially as with the new year comes growth, the children are growing and changing along with it, so its a new year, probably with new rules(not so much for the children, but for you) you are  definitely the same old Mum! Stay with your game, do not break or bend the rules, only get better.

So from one mum to another , I thought to share New year resolutions Here are three of mine …Enjoy

  1. Mummy Is Numero Uno (Number 1) 

You call it selfish, I call it wisdom, see if Mummy is not in tip top shape then the family will suffer so be selfish if that is what it takes for the greater good of the whole family . you make breakfast for everyone but you, you make everyone look good but your hair is a mess, you skip going to the gym because dinner will be late. you put off pursuing your dream for the children who God has empowered and given you grace to instill value into, value that will one day ,soon, cause them to leave your protective nest and follow their God given dreams. Really? when you break down what happens, please stop it,seriously. Love your family but love yourself first, you can not pour water from an empty bucket, you can not drink from an empty cup, ..ever wondered why in an airplane they tell you in event of an emergency to put on your oxygen mask first before you help your child?… Food for thought. I believe I have said enough in this regard

2.Do Not Mix Work and Family: 

When you are at work,be at work, when you are at home , by all means be at home fully. sometimes last year my daughter said something to me that broke my heart, she accused me of not spending enough time with her, I was totally taken aback and a little annoyed, Me ke, I practically do not have a life, once I get home from work I do not go out,I am in this house with you children all the time, that is so unfair, totally ungrateful of you I said… Nothing would have prepared me for her answer., “yes mum, you are home most of the time, but you are busy cleaning and cooking, you are either on the phone and doing stuff, that is not spending time with me”…. Chai, Diaris God OOO!

My People, try to Schedule in a certain time during the day where you completely unplug from your phone and focus on your family. It may just be an hour a day – but try it. Eat dinner as a family, breakfast and lunch may not be feasible , but make dinner time family time.make time for simple chit- chat, ask  everyone how the day was, leave the dirty dishes overnight sometimes, the cleaning can wait too, some things are more important.

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Do It Differently This Year Turn Your Dreams To Goals

3. Believe in God, In yourself, in your children!

 First, understand that you can not do it alone, pray to God for help,believe in him, believe in yourself, believe in your children. Believe that they are good children! Believe that they are doing their best because by God you are giving your best!.Believe that you should be proud of them and of yourself

Believe also  in your husband against all oods if you are married, (it helps to keep you sane) to be a good mum you need your sanity.Believe in a healthy marriage. Believe that he loves you.

Believe that he thinks you’re beautiful and that you are a great mum,pay no mind to his failures to compliment and encourage you, . Believe in your love and love him unconditionaly

And  finally take this charge from me seriously, You are a great mum, doing a darn good job,the most stressful, exhausting, yet most rewarding , you are a heroine, you are daily making a difference in the world because you are nurturing little lives today that will become great men and women tomorrow .News flash…your children do not want a perfect mum, they want a happy, healthy, fun and loving mum!

God bless you real good

Sincerely yours in motherhood

Mimi Dogo


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