NCC: Nigerians React To Proposed Data Price Hike

Nigerians have continue to express worries over the recent planned hike of tariff by the Nigerian Telecommunications Commission (NCC).

Telecom companies in Nigeria

The increase in the tariff of data usage which was suppose to take effect from Dec. 1, was suspended by the Commission due to the intervention of the National Assembly, although the NCC claimed that the initiative was to protect small operators and new entrants in the mobile data space.

This proposed  move by the NCC has created  lots of mixed reaction from Nigerians across the country. Kapital Fm took to the street of Abuja to get people’s opinion on the issue.

Here is what they have to say:

Mr Francis Keshi   who is a football Coach, said the proposed increment of data tariff was not a welcome development: “The increment of data tariff won’t go well with Nigerians because its not helping us. The increment is only going to be an advantage to the rich ones. Right now the current situation of the economy is so  bad, when the economy is revived they can think of the increment and if not because of the invention by the senate, people would have resolved to carrying placards to protest.

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Mr. Chukwu Emeka, a businessman in the FCT, said: “Increasing the data tariff is a wrong move, the move should be stopped totally because it will affect the poor masses. The average citizens subscribe to internet on their phones to get information. However the price hike on data tariff will not only deprive them of accessing the internet but add to their other worries.”

 A Mechanic, Mr Ayo Abenga , said the timing was wrong: “increasing data tariff is wrong because most people manage to recharge and subscribe on their phones.  A lot of researches  are done online regarding on what information you wish to get. Increasing data tariff will limit people’s access to internet, so why sabotage your own progress?”.


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Mr Godwin Odoh a fitness trainer said they should improve their services and not increase data price:”telecom companies has other things they should be looking at not the increase of data. Many Nigerians go online to get information and also to think less about the problem of the country but increasing it will lead to depression. A lot is been expected from the telecom companies not to increase data tariff at this point in time”.

Mbah, an Abuja resident and a constant user of data said:”the increase of data tariff is another means of extortion by the telecom companies. They have always been extorting citizens , increasing data is like making the extortion official. The senate should not just suspend the price hike but to refuse it totally because the moment the increase takes place it officially becomes a part of our life, a system that has come to stay no one will be able to say NO when they increase it again and again.”

As reactions continue to trail in, some Nigerians have taken matters into their hands and started a petition against the directive. 2,975 people have already signed since it started some days ago.

This was the message sent by one of the telecom companies notifying its subscribers on the planned data price hike before the suspension by NCC:

 ”Dear Valued Customer, Effective Dec. 1, 2016, we will review our data plans & prices in compliance with NCC directive. Dial *200*3# NOW to buy MORE DATA.”


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