National Salaries, Incomes And Wages Commission Pushes For Comprehensive Job Evaluation

National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission, NSIWC has attributed frequent agitation for increment and review of salaries by MDAs to delay in job evaluation.

Executive Chairman of the Commission , Chief Richard Onwuka Egbule, made this known when a delegation of the Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja.

Chief Richard Egbule noted that the last comprehensive job evaluation was done in 1972.

He noted that the last comprehensive job evaluation was done in 1972.

A statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary, Njoku Emmanuel quoted the Executive Chairman as saying that if proper evaluation is carried out it would have taken care of the many agitations for salary review.

He told his guest that owing to the unsettled issues relating to the new National Minimum Wage recently passed by the National Assembly, reviews of wages and allowances have been put on hold.

The Executive Chairman, said the reason for the suspension of all wage reviews is because the minimum wage will come with some adjustments and the wage bill will increase considerably.

He however assured the Surveyor-General that whatever request that comes to the Commission will as usual be evaluated and appropriate recommendation made.

Earlier, the Surveyor-General of the Federation, Surveyor Ebisinitie B. Audu had highlighted so many hazards in the job of surveying and mapping and its importance in all the sectors of the economic.

Surveyor Audu said it is in the face of this hazard associated with the job of surveying that the office is requesting for some salary review to motivate the staff.

The surveyor-General of the Federation said he was at the Commission to interface with the Chairman on issues of salaries and wages.

He said because of lack of funds, the office could not operate the drone with its attendant risk of emission of radiation.

The Office of the Surveyor-General of the Federation was established around 1895 and the first tertiary institutions in Nigeria is in the surveying and mapping sector called the Federal School of Surveying & Mapping established in 1908.


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