NAIJA FOOD DOT COM: How To Prepare Dambun Shinkafa

Are you tired of cooking rice the same old way and want to try something new? this weekend brings to your table a delicacy from the northern part of Nigeria called Dambun Shinkafa. It’s a simple yet healthy way of cooking rice as the rice is steamed and not boiled.
Dambun Shinkafa brings together a mix of all food groups in a healthy way. The Moringa leaves, carrots, green pepper oils and the rice make it all complete.

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Ingredients Needed

Rice (Local rice preferably)

Handful picked and washed moringa leafs or spinach

Handful chopped spring onions

Hand full chopped carrot (Optional)

stock cubes (As desired)

Salt to taste

Vegetable oil

Onion (diced)


Raw ground kitchen groundnuts (Optional and in little quantity)

Red bell peppers


Method of Preparation

First of all, ground the rice into coarsely grits using a dry mill. (You can buy this type of rice in the market if you don’t want to go through the stress of taking your rice to a mill)

Next wash the grits rice, drain it in a colander and keep

Then chop all the vegetables and pluck the moringa (Zogele) from the stem, there is no need chopping the moringa leaves.

Roughly blend the red bell peppers with the onions or chop them, fry lightly with vegetable oil and keep aside.

Use a rice cooker because it’s has a good steaming capacity, smells, taste, and stress free (but if you do not have a rice cooker simply place little water in a pot, insert a cover lid into the pot in such a way that the water is not visible and will not touch the rice grits while cooking.

Then mix the rice grits with the fried pepper and onions, salt, stock cubes and kitchen groundnuts in a medium size bowl, mix properly with your hands.

Now pour the mixture into the rice cooker or the pot, then cover and allow to steam.

When the grits rice is halfway steamed, add moringa leafs, diced onions, spring onions and carrot.

Keep steaming and if it doesn’t feel soft add more water until you get a soft and tender rice grits.

It may take 40 mins to get a soft grits (Dambun Shinkafa).

Serve with meat, peppered chicken or kuli kuli.

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