My Pet Peeve This week-When People Blow Their Noses In Public

So have you ever been turned off or even made to loose your appetite due to the irritation felt when someone decides to blow their nose loudly and worse still follow that with bending over,clearing their throat loudly and spitting on the floor in a public space…Totally unacceptable

I plead with you therefore, gentleman and young lady, try not to do this please, sometimes it happens in places of worship, and a worshipper will be distracted and guess what, It will be because of you, Know that you know better, I guess It will not happen again

Somethings are better done in private and in our personal spaces. In the event of an emergency though,One can always be courteous and excuse himself or herself ,go away ,do their “Business” and return without anyone knowing,let alone getting irritated

Thank you for reading and complying

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