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My Pet Peeve This Week- When Borrowing Becomes Stealing

9 May 2019 Blog

Anyone can make the honest mistake of forgetting to return a borrowed item. Time passes, memory slips and before you know it, the person from whom you borrowed the item will wonder whether he or she will ever get their goods back.

Even if the owner is miffed about you keeping something for too long, your actions do not amount to theft if you  simply, honestly,forgot to return it .But when does borrowing become stealing?

When there is the intention not to return from the onset, worse still,some people go ahead and ” borrow” without asking and then never return, that one is outright theft.Once I left my phone charger at a salon, someone borrowed it without asking and never returned, I was really upset

We may want to pause now a do some soul searching, if we remember anything we have borrowed,maybe books,jewelry,clothing,money, loans even and forgotten to return ,no matter how long it has been, by all means lets return it, its the right thing to do plus it will score you high points before God and man.Especially where it is money that was borrowed, you may be favored and the owner may tell you to keep it.And then you will be blameless otherwise you will never be able to get help from that friend in another time of need or anyone for that matter if your reputation of borrowing without returning gets out,Now that’s something to give some serious thought.

Best wishes

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