My Pet Peeve This Week, Trivializing The Pain Of Others

18 March 2019 Uncategorized

So I had cause to visit the hospital this week, and I can not help but share my experience, besides this hospital being extremely clean and without odours that are usual with some hospitals, the staff were extremely hospitable ,decently dressed and very well cultured. wow, I thought I was dreaming,Their attitude and show of care with empathy made me feel better instantly and left not just a lasting positive impression but hope for our dear country Nigeria

I mean in another scenario I believe most of us are familiar with, nurses are nonchalant when a patient arrives in excruciating pain, a woman in labour once recounted her experience where a nurse on duty mocked her saying “stop screaming here o, afterall you enjoyed the lovemaking” Noooooo!

This I can only describe as abuse, its insensitive,and simply put it is trivalizing another persons pain, please lets not do this

civility is a lifestyle we all must adopt, when someone tells you they are sick or going through something make it a habit to show some empathy and if you cant say something pleasant,encouraging or valuable,by all means you reserve the right to say nothing at all, never say or think there is nothing you can do, a kind word, a warm embrace,a shoulder to lean on a smile or a prayer all work wonders

Lets all be civil,decent and kind so our world can be a better place

Counting on you to do your part, and I will do mine ,so help us God

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