My Pet Peeve This week-Poor Telephone Etiquette

Have you ever been upset by someone talking loudly on their phone in a public place eg hospitals,banks or worse still they put it on speaker . How about you call someone and they pick up but are still having a conversation with someone else before they say hello.? Then again you call someone ,they do not pick maybe because its not convenient for them, so you send a text message but they do not respond or return the call and you recall its not a first time…the examples are endless

Telephone etiquette is very important even for personal interactions but when you’re working in certain positions like customer support, you know that answering phone calls becomes the bread and butter of your position. A frontline worker typically is hired for their strong communication skills.Answering professional calls are very different from answering personal calls. Either way, maintaining good etiquette is key .

Thankfully, blog.hubspot has provided some helpful tips and by following the rules below, you can ensure you’re always on your A-game when you are on the phone as a professional

Phone Etiquette

  1. Answer the call within three rings.
  2. Immediately introduce yourself.
  3. Speak clearly.
  4. Only use speakerphone when necessary.
  5. Actively listen and take notes.
  6. Use proper language. 
  7. Remain cheerful.
  8. Ask before putting someone on hold or transferring a call.
  9. Be honest if you don’t know the answer.
  10. Be mindful of your volume.
  11. Check for and respond to voicemails.

where its a private call courtesies still apply, depending on weather its your mum, spouse,sibling,or friend be pleasant, never fail to reply messages or return calls you missed, respect public spaces , Its called a smart phone, lets be smart users also…its so easy to be a nuisance without even knowing it.If possible step outside to make or take calls please and thank you

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