My Pet Peeve This Week… People Who Encourage Gossip

So the way I see it, its not the gossip that is the problem, it is the ones who give them a listening ear and also help in spreading the “news” that i have a problem with. If all of us will learn  to shut a gossip  up  , refuse to listen and more importantly refuse to spread the word, the world will  be gossip free ,it is that simple.

when I was a little girl in JSS2, one of my class mates who was a little older than most of us  just experienced her first monthly flow, it just happened on her in class, it was a mixed school and she was horrified, our uniform was sky blue and white and it was visibly stained, How would she get up from her seat, leave the class and get to the hostel to get cleaned up without being noticed ? eventually she had to face her fears,  i  sat behind her so i saw it and lent her my cardigan to tie around her waist but she was walking funny as she left so everyone started whispering, she was obviously humiliated but guess what it was her best friend and seat mate that spilled the beans and the boys got to know that she had been stained, when she returned, the whole class was giggling and teasing and one very silly boy had the nerve to say to her, “Tina is selling Palm Oil” the  whole class roared with laughter. I was the only one who kept a straight face, she saw me and held my gaze and managed to stagger to her seat and sat down bowing her head, I impulsively got up and started clapping as if to say i salute your courage ,(it was something  I had seen in a teenage movie about how to fight bullying in school) the laughter stopped and everyone went quiet, two or three others started clapping with me, I could tell most of the girls were ashamed for joining the boys to laugh at their own especially because they realized their own day will come, Tina’s best friend who had started the gossip broke down and started to cry regretting her words

Poor Tina never recovered, however it was not her friends betrayal that hurt her the  most ,it was the humiliating way the entire class laughed she could not get over, what a difference it would have made if no one laughed! so by the next term,she withdrew from our class (science class ) and went to art class,in my school you chose your class from  first year What  a way to alter someones destiny, she wanted to study medicine but a little gossip caused her to alter her destiny,what a loss!

Nigeria may have missed the opportunity of producing one of the best brain surgeons, gynecologist or pediatricians in the world!

My message is simple, stop gossip today, all you have to do is keep a straight face, refuse to listen or laugh at the unholy chatter about someone, to this and slowly but surely gossip will leave our homes, offices,our world and along with it the harm and destruction it brings

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