My Pet Peeve This Week…People Who attend Functions with Uninvited Guests

Besides being disrespectful, it is totally inconsiderate and annoying  if you are reading this and you know you are guilty,please change your ways, the truth is we all have been guilty at one point or another, maybe because we did not realize it was  wrong , but now we  are about to know better, that you should not attend a function with uninvited guests.

So my friend was having a birthday party   for her son and I helped her plan it, we had a list of about 30 parents and 53 children, From my previous experience with parties I had planned for my own Children,  I adviced that we make 80 party packs so we had 27 extra just incase and you know children and their party loot bags.

so that day finally came and it turned out we had a total of 94 children on the line and only 80 packs! remember she invited only 53 in the first place!

it was so embarrassing to have children  crying all over the place, making the host look unprepared and feel embarrassed,one mother i observed when it was time to leave had 7 children with her in her car! i had to ask are they all yours Ma’am and her reply “No dear 3 are mine the other two my sisters and those two are my neighbours ” Arrrrgh

i had to hold  back my words, who sent you, 4 additional children without pre informing the host,so not nice…

One fine afternoon i was taking a well deserved weekend rest, my door bell rang, i opened it to reveal an old

 class mate  ( senifa))and 3 other women i have never met into my home, i offered them drinks only because it was the polite thing to do and went into the kitchen to get them, i was stunned to turn around and see one of the women had come in saying she wanted to dispose of her bubble gum and senifa had told her to come in and use the tash can, i held back and just quietly pointed to where it was..i played a warm host and they left in peace but guess what, I moved to a new place shortly afterwards and senifa does not understand why I have not invited her over!

lets be considerate of peoples spaces, and remember that just because someone lets you in their home,their space,their life,it does not give you the right to let others in, if you have to then you need to run it by them first.

Lets do right and be right

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